How to clean and maintain your vape Device

If you want your e-cigarette to last you long and allow you to enjoy your favorite flavors in full until the end – then you need to put in a little bit of effort.


Letting the vape device go without maintenance for long periods leads to residue gathering inside the kit, particularly around the coils. Dark e-juices and sweet flavors are particularly guilty of this. The stronger the e-liquid, the stronger the effect – tobacco, coffee, cinnamon, or licorice will easily linger and transfer to the next vaping session if the device isn’t properly cleaned before it’s filled again.


It’s also advisable to wash the kit before you first use it. Brand-new devices may not be dirty, but often they smell strongly metallic (it’s the oil). There’s a high chance that the metallic taste will linger if you load up for your first vape without cleaning the kit first.


Luckily, turning the vaping device spotless is a mostly quick and easy process. All you need are a few easily accessible tools and a few minutes.


How to Clean the Vape Tank:


The effort required to clean vape parts and accessories is proportional to how long you’ve gone between the cleans. Well-maintained tanks can do with just warm water, while the ones where buildup has accumulated will need a little help from cleansing agents.


The vaping community separates three types of vape cleaning methods:


  • Standard Rinse is the go-to method between vaping sessions and for a tank that’s relatively clean. You disassemble the tank, hold each part under warm running water, and then additionally soak the parts in a bowl for about 15 minutes (until water cools down). Once the soak is done, you go over each part with a kitchen towel or cloth, ensuring every part is completely dry until screwing them all back together.
  • Cleaning Agent Rinse is for tanks that have accumulated a lot of buildup and need a deep clean. You start the same, but add baking soda or vinegar to the bowl when soaking. Vodka is, amusingly, another easily accessible effective cleaning agent. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the parts again after the soak, so that there are no lingering tastes. If your vape tank is leaking from the cap and you have trouble getting the e-juice out, you may try adding a few drops of mild washing liquid to the bowl. 
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) Rinse is considered the best option if you have trouble eliminating leftover flavors. Soak the parts in a cup of PG liquid for a couple of hours and the problem should be solved. Then leave it standing on a napkin and let fully dry before reassembling. Do not use VG liquid as a substitute for PG. The thicker texture of the liquid will cling and only make the process more difficult.


How to Clean Vape Cartridge:


Taking gunk out of vape cartridges will require a more delicate approach. Instead of rinsing or soaking, you’ll need to use a Q-tip and carefully take the gank out of where you can. Soak the Q-tip in water (preferably distilled) or PG beforehand.


Ideally, you’d go over the cartridge with a dry Q-tip after. But if the accumulation was minor, simply letting it dry will do.


How to Clean the Vape Coil:


If you’re using a device with a built-in coil, then rinsing them separately won’t be possible. Just do your best to keep the e-liquid away from the magnets, so the device lasts longer. However replaceable coils will need periodic cleanses. Especially, considering the atomizers are the most vulnerable to build up accumulation. 


Cleaning Replaceable Coils

The problem with most replaceable coils (e.g. the Caliburn vapes at Podsy) is the wicks. Some buildup will cling to them, no matter how hard you try. Your efforts will, however, prolong the coil lifespan and create a better vaping experience, with clean flavors and stronger clouds.


The trick is to have liquid pass through the wicks and remove as much residue as possible during each clean. Soak the coils in a bowl of water-vinegar mixture, ethanol, or cheap vodka for a couple of hours. Then rinse very thoroughly and let it completely dry, only assembling once the water has fully evaporated. 


Cleaning Rebuildable Coils


Rebuildable coils are different in that they allow for wicks to be removed from the coils. These coils will serve you longer if properly maintained. 


That said, cleaning them is a tad bit more complicated. It requires you to master the art of dry burning – firing an empty atomizer to remove residue.


First things first, make sure there’s no liquid in the device and separate wicks from coils. If you’re only doing the light cleanse, simply pulsing the fire button a couple of times at 15 watts will be enough. But if there’s a lot of gank in the coil, dry burning may loosen it but not fully remove everything. Check by taking the atomizer out of the mod, and if necessary – help by lightly brushing with a toothbrush under running water.


Sounds easy, right? Great! Now you’re all equipped to go ahead and browse the largest catalog of vaping devices and accessories in Georgia and choose the one that fits you the best.

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