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If you are looking for alternatives to traditional cigarettes, vape shop Podsy is the right place for you. We offer a lot of products, including disposable vape. 


Disposable vapes have become an increasingly popular product over time because this modern device implies a safer experience compared to the established smoking option.


Vape shop Podsy offers a wide range of electronic cigarettes, among which the disposable HQD vape stands out for its diversity. Our goal is to make this innovative device as accessible as possible. That’s why you will find 15 branches of our store throughout Georgia, where premium quality ultra-modern products are presented.


What is a disposable vape and what does it offer?


The HQD vape is a device pre-filled with a special liquid. By heating the element in the vape body, the substance inside it heats and generates vapor that resembles smoke.

If you compare a vape to a traditional cigarette, you will discover many differences between them. The first and most noticeable difference is evident in health issues and the degree of negative impact. An electronic cigarette vaporizes not as a result of the combustion of chemical substances, but by heating a special liquid. This process releases minimal toxic substances, potentially benefiting both your health and the well-being of those around you.

In addition, one of the main features of vapes is convenience. Unlike a rechargeable electronic cigarette, the single-use version does not require e-liquids, charging, or special care. Moreover, it does not require special effort to activate; only inhalation is required. Additionally, the disposable vape is as convenient, as it gets – it is very easy to place it in a pocket or bag.

If you, once more, draw a parallel with a traditional cigarette, you will find that vapes are a more economical product. An affordably priced device can be active for several days or even weeks, depending on the intensity of use.

The HQD brand products presented in the “Podsy” network give you the option to control the level of nicotine, which is an additional benefit. By gradually reducing the substance, you have the opportunity to painlessly switch to a nicotine-free device.


Disposable vapes at “Podsy”

As mentioned, you can purchase premium quality HQD disposable vapes in our network. This brand represents an ideal combination of visuals, functionality, and flavors, creating a unique product.

Eight single-use electronic cigarettes are available at “Podsy.” These models include independent features and are suitable for consumers with any requirements.

We offer both nicotine and nicotine-free devices. For example, the HQD EOS contains 2% of the nicotine. Suppose your goal is to reduce nicotine intake. In that case, you can gradually switch from the most concentrated model to the HQD EZ Bar, which has 1.6% nicotine, and finally, choose the nicotine-free model you prefer, such as the HQD Cuvie Plus.

In addition to being a very comfortable device, the disposable vape is also characterized by a modern and sophisticated design. You can choose from minimalistic, as well as colorful, and visually distinctive models in this diverse product range.

The disposable electronic cigarettes presented at “Podsy” exemplify a unique combination of technology, attractive design, and excellent flavors. It should also be noted that the price of the vape is very affordable and allows for effective budgeting. The presented products are available as disposable and refillable electronic cigarettes. Visit our branches and experience it for yourself.