UWELL X Caliburn

First launched in 2019, Caliburn is a pod system created by UWELL, a leader in the Electronic Vaping Industry for the last decade. Instantly popular, the pod won the “Most Flavorful Pod System Worldwide” the year it was released, cementing itself as a favorite in the vaping community. Since then, UWELL has launched several versions of the pod. Currently, the brand is divided into several main lines.

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Caliburn A

Reminiscent of the OG Caliburn, A series pod systems are traditional pen-shaped vapes with non adjustable built-in coils. It’s a good fit for starters and those who generally look for experience simplicity.

Caliburn KOKO

A series of lighter-shape devices. AK model comes with built-in coils, is simple to use, and is perfect as a starter kit for inexperienced vapers. GK model comes with replaceable coils and is for a more advanced user.

Caliburn G

A more advanced pen-shaped pod system designed for the more advanced pod users. The G stands for Great/Grand. The G series has replaceable coils, higher battery life, and fully adjustable airflow. However, Caliburn G3 significantly deviates from the series standards. Regarded as a pro-level upgrade on the series, the G3 coil is a built-in mesh with 2 static airflow options, instead of adjustable airflow.

Caliburn Zega

A squat-shaped design that accommodates larger batteries. Similar to the KOKO series, it comes in two models. AZ pods have built-in coils, while GZ models have replaceable coils.

Caliburn Explorer

The latest and most innovative of Caliburn pods, Explorer has an innovative split system. It allows the user to vape 2 different flavors without swapping. Despite more complex features, the device is beginner-friendly. It’s pen-shaped like the A & G series, but easily recognizable due to its four-leaf-clover-shaped button that controls which half is activated.

Caliburn Tenet

Often mistaken for a separate series, Tenet is a design feature, not a new pod system. It’s a steampunk, futuristic look that looks like something out of a video game. The features are similar to the G model. Tenet comes in both pen-shape and lighter-shape.

Caliburn Pod Compatibility

There’s a model for every vaper in the catalog. Caliburn G series is particularly popular, as its replaceable coil feature allows it to be compatible with most e-liquids on the market. Whether you prefer high PG or high VG juices, nicotine salts, or freebase nicotine, you’ll be able to use your vape kit without a problem. The replaceable coil size runs between 0.8-1-1.2 omi, allowing vapers to easily adjust the pod system to their needs.

On the other hand, if the user prefers the simplicity of a built-in coil, UWELL’s wide range allows them to pick one that fits their specific needs the best. UWELL has gone to great lengths to ensure detailed information about each model is available. A little research into the feature goes a long way toward comfort.

Pod Vape Kit Performance, Battery, and Charging

The kit battery power ranges across models from 520mAh (Caliburn A) to 1000mAh (Explorer). But most models fall somewhere around 750-850mAh.

Depending on the model and the intensity of use, a Caliburn pod can last its owner between 1 full day of moderate use to 2 days of heavy use (Explorer).

It takes about 45-50 minutes to fully charge most models, regardless of series. The systems come with a USB charging cable that should allow the user to easily charge the device as long as they have access to electricity (and a functional USB port).

Caliburn A3 copy

How to Fill the Vape Kit

Filling up any of these pods is a simple process. Pull out the silicone stopper from the base of the pod. Take the Caliburn juice bottle and insert the (open) top into the filling slit. After that, seal the slit up with the silicone stopper and screw it back into the device. It’s ready for a good vape!

There are usually two problems that tend to occur when juice is being put in the device. Check that the juice bottle is open to dispense the liquid before inserting and be careful not to overfill the device.

Common Issues and Solutions

While UWELL vapes come with a sturdy and reliable pod system, eventually any piece of electronic kit is bound to experience some wear. In Caliburn’s case, many users have mentioned problems with leaking, especially when the device gets older. The pod is built to be leak-resistant, but drawing too hard or using incompatible e-liquid can cause it to malfunction. Make sure the liquid is compatible with the model before filling, pay attention to it staying under the maximum fill line, and don’t tag too hard when vaping.

If the problem persists, then the culprit might be the coil.

Caliburn GK2