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Electronic cigarettes, also known as vapes, are electronic devices designed to vaporize a liquid solution. They represent a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. The number of people actively using this device is increasing every day due to its less harmful nature, aesthetic appeal, and diverse flavor profile. 


Generally, there are two types of vapes: disposable ones and multi-use devices. 

“Podsy” offers a wide variety of both kinds of vapes. Our high-quality vapes guarantee maximum satisfaction for the user. 


There are many benefits to using vapes over traditional cigarettes, but the main one has to be the fact that they produce vapor instead of smoke, which makes them less harmful to the consumer. Vaping also allows for control over nicotine intake. Along with 2% nicotine options, “Podsy” offers nicotine-free vapes. They come in various flavors and aromas, which makes it easier for a customer to purchase the desired option. 


Disposable Vapes

Single-use devices are pre-filled with vape juice and have a built-in battery. They require little to no maintenance and can be activated automatically by inhaling the liquid. 

Here are some benefits of using this kind of e-cigarette: 

  1. They don’t require assembly before use. 
  2. This kind of electronic cigarette doesn’t need refilling or recharging.
  3. Disposable vapes are extremely lightweight and easy to carry while on the go.
  4. Ideal for newbies trying their first vape;
  5. They produce no lingering smell, which makes them a comfortable device to use around non-smokers.


Multi-use electronic cigarette

Refillable vapes are electronic devices that allow users to vape using refillable components. These vapes consist of a rechargeable battery and a refillable tank where the vape juice is added. They, compared to the single-use ones, offer more flexibility and customization options. Another benefit of using a multi-use vape would be its cost-effectiveness. Refillable vapes, in the long run, are more budget-friendly than disposable ones. 

They’re also considered a more environmentally sustainable version of a vaping device since they produce less waste. In addition to this, more customization options are available; they offer greater flexibility in terms of nicotine strength. 


Vape accessories

E-cig accessories usually include tanks, coils, and cartridges. 

Coils are used for heating up and vaporizing the vape liquid in e-cigarettes. They are located within the vape pod. When the coil is activated, it turns the liquid into vapor. 

Users need to regularly replace the coils to ensure their optimal performance. 

Vape cartridges serve as reservoirs for vape juice. They often come pre-filed with the liquid. 


Vape Shop “Podsy”: Our Products

The vape shop chain “Podsy” was created in 2021 to provide smokers with a less harmful cigarette alternative and non-smokers with an enjoyable vaping experience. 

We represent a unique vaping experience by offering high-quality service in a refined environment. 


For disposable vapes, we offer: 

  • HQD EOS;
  • HQD HOT;
  • HQD 600;
  • HQD WAVE. 

In the multi-use category, we offer: 

  • SMOK NORD 5; 
  • VAPORESSO Gen PT60; 
  • XROS 3; 
  • Tripod PCC; 
  • Caliburn G2;
  • Caliburn GK2; 
  • Caliburn A2; 
  • Caliburn A3; 
  • Caliburn AK3;