An Original Idea for Gift

In the modern world, there are many options available for all types of products, which is why it is becoming more and more difficult to choose a gift for your loved ones. Everything is complicated by the fact that we want our gift to be unexpected for the recipient. Considering this, it is necessary to choose neutral gifts – a product that will respond to individual preferences and will be unexpected.

And vape is the device that has the greatest potential to become a gift product.

The electronic cigarette was created by the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003 to replace the traditional cigarette.

Since then, the popularity of electronic cigarettes has grown significantly in China, Western Europe and other parts of the world. E-cigarettes created a tangible alternative to traditional cigarettes, and many smokers soon started to replace tobacco with these wonderful products.

The device became especially popular in the 2010s – it permanently replaced tobacco in the lives of many and thus significantly improved the quality of life of smokers.


Why vape

  • It is an especially good gift for a smoker, as the vape will help him/her quit smoking. Although many e-cigarettes use nicotine, they do not release carbon monoxide, a substance that doctors have linked to a number of respiratory diseases.
  • Vape gives a great opportunity to personalize the gift – you can choose the recipient’s favorite flavor and desired nicotine content. It is also possible to purchase a completely nicotine-free vape. If you give your loved one multiple vape gifts, they will choose their own liquid and get the best vaping experience.
  • Considering that electronic cigarettes, especially disposable vape, are more or less a new product in the Georgian market, people think less of it as a gift product. Therefore, getting a vape as a gift for your loved one will be a really unexpected and interesting experience.
  • Vaping is a good way to relax because it stimulates the release of dopamine. Dopamine, on the other hand, gives a person a feeling of pleasure and peace. Such a gift is not only interesting, practical and original, but also pleasant to use.

A gift for a man

Choosing a gift for men can be especially challenging as there are more gift packages on the market for women than for men. That is why the ideal gift for men is still unknown.

A vape is a thoughtful  gift for men for several reasons:

  • The designs of vapes are minimalistic and convenient, it is with these characteristics that gifts for men are presented in stores in the Georgian market.
  • Nowadays, many men, as well as women, are trying to quit smoking, which makes vape a particularly useful gift for them.
  • Among other things, vape gives a man of all tastes the opportunity to choose the desired electronic cigarette due to its variety of flavors.

A gift for women

Gifts for women are really not difficult to choose considering the abundance of gift packages available on the market. However, buying pre-made gift products runs the risk of them being repetitive and not unique.

To avoid these problems, you can give vape to a beloved woman in your life. An electronic cigarette is a good gift for both your loved ones and new acquaintances, whose wishes and interests you’re not as familiar with.

If the recipient of the gift is not a nicotine user, but you still want to give them a vape, the HQD EZ-Bar is the best choice. The product is particularly popular among consumers due to its convenient design and small size.

If these types of gifts are of interest to you, buy electronic cigarettes in “Podsy’s” stores and get a great variety of vapes.

A new year’s gift

Buying New Year’s gifts is a very fun, but time-consuming process. At such a time, all recipients expect something special. That is why it is the responsibility of all of us to choose a gift that is creative, interesting and surprising. That’s the kind of gift vape is – no one expects to receive it, but the product is usable by everyone and makes a good first impression.

Vape liquid is also a good gift for multiple-use  e cigarette users. “Riot squad”, “Slushie” and “Dinner lady” brand vape liquids are available in “Podsy’s” chain of vape shops.

Pros of using vape

  • There is less harm to the user’s health than when using traditional cigarettes. The nicotine content in the product is also significantly lower, and harmful chemical substances reach the body in smaller quantities.
  • Switching from traditional cigarettes to vaping significantly improves the user’s sense of smell and taste.
  • The vape’s smudge-free, pleasant aroma finally rids people’s clothes and homes of the unpleasant smell of smoke.
  • Vaping causes less harm to the health of those around the vaper, while the passive smoker of traditional cigarettes is significantly harmed by the smoke.
  • Disposable vapes contain an average of 1.6%-2% nicotine, which is much less than the content of this substance in traditional cigarettes.
  • Considering its small size, the electronic cigarette is very convenient to carry. Its portability is particularly attractive to the users.

“Podsy’s” vapes

Electronic cigarette store “Podsy” is a company founded in 2021, whose goal from the beginning was to create a refined environment for customers and to expand throughout Georgia.

In “Podsy” you will find disposable vapes of the HQD brand Super Pro, Wave, Cuvie plus, 600, HOT, EZ-Bar and VITA line, which differ from each other in functional characteristics, nicotine content, aroma, color and design.

Super Pro – oblong vape with 2% nicotine content, metallic color, which is distinguished by a variety of flavors. In this category, you will find mint and fruit flavors, as well as energy drinks, tobacco and Coca-Cola flavors.

Wave – a vape with a relatively thicker shape, which contains 2% nicotine and is distinguished by a variety of colors.

Cuvie plus – a disposable electronic cigarette with 1200 puffs that does not contain nicotine. It differs from other vapes in the “Podsy’s” catalog in that it has an elongated head, which makes it easier for the user to inhale the heated liquid. A large number of layers allows it to be used for a long time.

600 – a vape with a refined and minimalistic design, in which the nicotine content is 2%.

HOT – small-sized e-cigarette, which you can use for a long time, as it delivers 5000 puffs. It’s head is presented in both black and white colors.

EZ-Bar – 600-puff vape, which is the most portable product in the “Podsy’s” catalog. Its transitional colors and convenient design are its main virtues.

VITA – The main distinguishing feature of “Vita” is its color and design. It is an elongated vape that has 600 puffs and is distinguished by a variety of flavors.

If you want to make a purchase for a loved one, “Podsy” will allow you to easily choose creative gifts that will perfectly suit your recipient’s wishes and interests from our catalog.

You can buy vapes in “Podsy” in Tbilisi, Russia, Kutaisi, Gori, Zestafon, Poti and Batumi.

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