The best vapes of 2023

Electronic cigarettes and this field in general is constantly developing and improving. Every year, a new product is introduced to the market, which is created using innovative methods. Let’s take a closer look at e-cigarettes. We’ll discuss some of the top brands and products that have caught the attention of e-cigarette enthusiasts around the world in 2023.

The best vapes and “evaluation criteria”

Picking a device is often a matter of personal preference, but there are some common characteristics that define the best of vapes. These features are: battery life, safety, materials used in manufacturing, portability, ease of use, airflow control, etc.

Electronic cigarette without nicotine

One of the brands that is very popular and has a wide variety of products is HQD.

The brand’s goal is to create a vape that combines technology, convenience and a variety of flavors. Their priority is to produce e-cigarettes suitable for all types of people, be it the novice enthusiast or the experienced vaper.

The brand’s extensive range includes both disposable vapes and reusable e-cigs.

One of HQD’s product lines is a nicotine-free electronic cigarette. For many people, vaping has nothing to do with nicotine consumption. It is precisely for these people that HQD has created electronic cigarettes with no nicotine content.

Cuvie Plus Zero Nicotine: sophisticated nicotine-free electronic cigarettes

Cuvie Plus, this disposable vape is the epitome of sophistication. With an ergonomic design and a selection of flavors that range from classic to innovative, Cuvie Plus Zero Nicotine offers a whole new vaping experience that focuses solely on taste and experience.

You will find Cuvie Plus with a large selection in Podsy’s network of vape shops. The flavors are very diverse: vanilla, energy drink, strawberry banana, blueberry, etc. The battery is 950Mah and the number of puffs is 1200.

HQD HOT is also a nicotine-free vape. The sleek, compact design of this model makes it very easy to use and store, while incorporating the latest technology ensures a seamless vaping experience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned vaper, HQD HOT has something for everyone’s taste.

The choice of flavors in this model is quite diverse. As for the number of hits, it is equal to 5000. This nicotine-free device has a 50 ml. vape tank.

HQD’s nicotine-free e-cigarette perfectly represents the brand’s commitment to inclusivity as well as the versatile nature of vaping. As we look ahead to the 2023 vaping market, HQD’s ability to change and adapt to modern challenges is evident.

Nicotine-free e-cigarettes and the wide selection offered by the Podsy’s chain of stores meet the needs of vapers of all tastes.

Disposable E-Cigarettes: A Convenient Choice

Disposable e-cigarettes are a highly sought-after product due to their convenience and simplicity. One of the popular models in this category is the Super Pro and its disposable vape that offers a full vaping experience without the need for maintenance or refills.

Super Pro is a draw activated disposable vape, which means that the vape should be held to the lips by the user and drawn in. The MTL disposable barrel is pre-filled with e-liquid. Its nicotine content is 2%. Powered by a 550 mAh battery, the Super Pro delivers up to 600 puffs and comes in 19 different flavors.

With a premium metal casing individually tailored to each flavor profile, the Super Pro’s overall dimensions are: 106.5mm long, 14.5mm in diameter. Super Pro is light, compact and super comfortable to hold.

As mentioned earlier, the Super Pro models are disposable e-cigarettes, which means that when you run out of power, you simply throw the vape away.

The Wave model is also a very popular disposable vape. It measures 105mm in length, 25mm in width, and weighs just 35.5g. Its small size makes it easy to hold and the light weight means you’ll barely notice it’s in your pocket.

You can buy Wave disposable electronic cigarettes with different flavors in the Potsy’s shops. The color of each one corresponds to the flavor inside. For example, the delicious “Blackberry Ice” flavor is distinguished by its black color.

The Wave model allows you to hit 600 puffs. At the bottom of the pod is an LED that will flash 10 times in a row to let you know it’s done.

Reusable electronic cigarette

For those for whom reusable e-cigarettes are more of a priority, Podsy offers products from world-renowned brands. You can buy affordable electronic cigarettes from us.

The reusable vape is compact, portable and convenient. Brands like UWell, Vaporesso, and SMOK are well-known for producing multi-functional vapes, and in 2023, these brands are at the forefront of quality and variety.

UWell is recognized for its commitment to innovation and quality. They have brought some popular multi-functional vape devices to the market. The brand’s reusable e-cigarettes allow users to customize their vaping experience. They have refillable pods and the ability to adjust the air. UWell is also known for its charming design.

Vaporesso is another highly reputable brand. Their devices often feature advanced chipsets that provide precise wattage and temperature control, resulting in a consistent and enjoyable vaping experience.

SMOK devices have an outstanding display, ergonomic design and a lot of customizable settings. SMOK’s focus on innovation has led to the introduction of devices with touchscreens, voice controls and other unique features.

Multiple-use vape and its advantages:

  • Versatility: The multi-use vape is designed for different vaping styles, from MTL to DTL, allowing users to switch between them according to their preferences.
  • Portability: These devices are generally compact and easy to carry
  • User-friendly: Refillable e-cigs are designed with simplicity in mind, making them a great option for beginners just getting into vaping.
  • Customization: Multi-function vapes offer adjustable settings such as wattage, airflow, and temperature, allowing users to customize the settings to their taste.
  • Budget-friendly: Refillable tanks reduce the need for frequent replacements, which can be more beneficial in the long run than buying a disposable vape.
  • Battery Life: These devices have a great battery life

Affordable E-cigarettes in Podsys’s network of shops

In 2023, vape lovers have a lot of options, whether you want to buy a nicotine-free vape or a disposable device. Podsy tries its best to keep up with modern trends and offer its customers the best vapes. Of course, the price of vape is important, we take care of the customer in this regard as well. You can buy affordable electronic cigarettes from us.

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